Medicine Delivery App Development : Cost and Features

Medicine Delivery App Development Cost and Features
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The software industry isn’t only booming during a single direction, rather it’s set to hide the multi-directional industry verticals. The health industry has also benefitted from the software development industry and there are some mobile applications, which are thriving well. The pharmaceutical industry has stepped within the mobile app technology with medicine delivery app becoming online.

The concept of online retail medicine has taken the pace and has crossed $28 billion. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t seem to require a relaxed note and can still rise more in foreseen times.

There are several online pharmacy product selling apps working online, which have significantly influenced the way the market wont to run. the main names are 1 mg,, etc while many have followed an equivalent path.

There are several sorts of applications that run within the Pharmaceutical industry which are Pharmaceutical CRM software, Online medicine delivery mobile application, e-commerce portals, Supply chain management software, POS and MR reporting software, Sales management software, Inventory management system.


Medicine App Features


Table of Contents

Basic Features of Online medicine delivery app

1. User panel:
2. Expert counseling:
3. Trending fitness meals:
4. My order section:
5. Store Panel

1.User panel:
The app essentially does have a customized user panel. The panel offers quick access to each required section of the app and lets him do the tasks. A user panel has:

User registration: This section is kept easy where the user can log in or register with the assistance of social media accounts or registered password.

Medicine search: Users can look for medicine they need to get during a too convenient way. As he reaches to look panel, he’s a couple of clicks faraway from ordering online medicine.

Alternatively, the Upload Prescription section is additionally found out to permit the user to upload the prescription and order medicine during a convenient way.

Add to cart button always stick with the merchandise name, through which you’ll add the chosen medicine to your cart and buy whenever required.

2. Expert counseling:
It is the special feature available within the app, which helps the user to settle on the proper combination of drugs . The user can discuss the health problems with a doctor and obtain the proper set of recommendation .

3. Trending fitness meals:
Nutrition is that the half medicine and as you begin taking the proper food, medicine starts to chop off. Here, during this section, you’ll view the foremost trending nutrition meal, which you’ll also order.

4. My order section:
In this section, you’ll view the status of the products that you simply have ordered. Here, you’ll find, Track order, return policy, Loyalty points.

Track order: Once you’ve got ordered the prescription, you’ll check the status of the products during a convenient way. you’ll know, whether your product is out of delivery or still pending for action.

Return policy: If the pharmacy product isn’t appropriate or low in quality, you’ve got always the proper to return the order and obtain your money return within the given time.

Loyalty Points: Alongside, loyalty points also are offered, where the user gets the advantages in points for using the app for an extended time or referring it. Every android development company integrates the app with third-party tools like debit cards or credit cards.

5. Store Panel
Registration: Like other applications available, healthcare applications also need users to check in with the assistance of an email address or any social media account. Once the account is made , users can avail of the services provided by healthcare solutions.

Managing Information: This panel works towards providing users with every detail of products they’re curious about or have ordered. It managed crucial and genuine information like services, medicines, dealers’ details including contact details, store details, and so on.

Ratings And Reviews: Customers tend to shop for products after checking previous ratings and reviews of products. Store owners can keep an eye fixed on the feedback provided by the purchasers .

Delivery And Shipment: Orders are often scheduled supported inventory management, shipment also as a prescription.
Discount Management: Like managing prices, discounts also can be managed by providing regular offers, coupon codes, and other benefits to regular also as new users.

Managing Products: Products are often listed consistent with convenience and availability, and may contain nutritional information, chemical composition, and more.

Advanced Features of a drugs delivery app

Affiliate marketing: Such apps also are becoming a robust basis for affiliate marketing. With this feature, the user can find the closest diagnosis labs and book a meeting for normal health checkups or other specific prescribed check-ups.

Refined search: The refined search refers to the power of searching in specific categories like cold, cough, body ache, migraine, fever, diabetes, thyroid, etc. This makes the advanced search criteria for the user.

Upload prescriptions: this is often one among the main attributes of online medicine selling the mobile app. here the user can upload the prescription and check-up reports along side the address and get in touch with number. The user also can have a conversation with the doctor after the appointment.
Associate medical store: With this feature, the user can collect the drugs from a close-by medical store. This way, the seller also gets enjoy associating their store with the web medicine mobile app

Team Structure to create An medicine delivery App Like 1mg
Behind every successful application, there’s a skillful and efficient team of execs who are fully involved within the process of doctor on-demand app development.

A powerful team structure is vital to create a pharmacy application. It requires handling recent trends and requirements of consumers of each age bracket .

An app must be built taking into consideration the time, efforts, also because the investment made within the development process. A top-notch team structure can include:

Project Manager: A project manager may be a person whose job is to watch the project with his/her managerial skills. they need to possess all the knowledge and intelligence required to assess the requirements of the market. A project manager must keep an in depth watch on the event process and guide the teammates within the right direction. it’s the responsibility of the project manager to stay all the team members motivated.
Mobile Application Developer: The healthcare app developers are a team of coders who mainly develop the front-end or back-end code of the appliance . Whether it’s an Android application, iOS, or a Hybrid solution, developers play an important role within the development of the program.

Designers: Designers have the responsibility of taking care of the interface . They choose how the app will look and feel when employed by the common public.

Testers: Testers or quality analysts have the responsibility to finalize the appliance . They test whether the app has any bugs or reports any problem when deployed.

There are many other members who play a serious role like marketeers, doctors , team leaders, and so on.

Cost of drugs delivery App Development

The cost of online medicine app development isn’t a simple task, because it entirely depends on the client requirement and specification list, variety of development hours, and development platform and geo-location of mobile app development company or Android development company.

If you get your app developed from, USA based company then it costs up to $250 per hour. Whereas in Europe the value may be a little lesser than the USA, costing as low as $25 to as high as $150 per hour. South Asia is cheaper in terms of app development costs.

The cost of basic app development for one platform is $10000 whereas the hybrid app costs around $25000, which works on both platforms.

With the large level of credibility being shared by the 2 whales of the industry, many companies have stepped forth for taking the new initiatives with online medicine mobile app development company.

‘RP infosoft is a reputed mobile app & web development company based in Ahmedabad, India since 2016.’

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